Kingsday Rock

vr 27/APR - 20:00 • 02:00

Poppodium Ede - Kuiperplein 31, 6713 AX Ede

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This first edition will be a celebration of the heavier and more experimental rock genre's. 
We will explore the realms of Stoner, Psychedelic, Fuzz, Groove and other alternative bass heavy music to drown out the orange colors that represent the haze of every kingsday celebration. 

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July 2014 was the beginning of Sunburn, after a few hours of smoking, drinking and jamming this resulted in their first two songs, Heavy and Groovy. In between these boundaries only Sunburn creates their music. Their lyrics are inspired from the depths of the heart, the weird spots in the brain and every day life. On stage the three gentlemen transform into thrashing beasts of rock 'n roll, a spectacle you must see! 



Fuzzboar is a stoner/psych/heavy rock band hailing from the green fields of Arnhem. They started their musical journey in 2016 and are already punching out gigs like hits from a bong. 

"Your soft collision, my molten core
Wipe my blood like you did before
'T was my decision to be your whore
Fuck your religion, I've got plenty more" 

And there is plenty more where that came from, this is Fuzzboar!



Breakfast At Midnight is a 2-Headed Alternative Hard Rock band that was founded in 2009 by Sten Veiths and Brecht Stiers.

Through the years the band has withstand many changes (sound and composition wise), till a year ago their bassist left and they decided to become a two man band. 
The sound evolved from Grunge to a more Progressive Rock band with many influences from Stoner, Grunge and Metal. 
In January 2018 they will release their first full-length album! 


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▶ Poppodium Ede . Kuiperplein 31 . Ede Centrum

▶ Auto: Gratis parkeren voor de deur / Free parking in front f or door 
▶ OV ▾
Station: Ede - Wageningen > Lopen (20 min)/Bus/Train
Station: Ede - Centrum> 2 minuten lopen / 2 minute walk

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Woensdag 10:00 - 16:00
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Het Poppodium Ede is nog niet dagelijks geopend. Op dit moment werken we achter de schermen keihard aan de verbouwing. Houd onze website en social media in de gaten om bij te houden wanneer wij open gaan!
Cafetaria / Bar
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Terras / Buitenpodium
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Het ‘Centrum voor Popcultuur’ vind je in hartje Ede Centrum aan het Kuiperplein (nr.31). Op 5 minuten loopafstand van station Ede Centrum en met voldoende parkeerplek voor de deur is het goed bereikbaar. Parkeren is gratis na 18:00 uur in de avond, op zondag en tijdens feestdagen.
P: Kuiperplein, Ede
ma-za 07:00-18:00: € 1,76 /u
Maximaal dagtarief: € 4,00
Vanaf Station Ede/Wageningen
Bus 2: Richting Veldhuizen via Centrum
Bus 107: Richting Putten
Bus 108: Richting Apeldoorn
- Uitstappen bij Doelenstraat, Ede
- Lopen over de Arhemseweg en het spoor oversteken
- Rechtsaf op Telefoonweg daarna eerste rechtsaf Kuiperplein
Vanaf Station Ede/Wageningen
Bus 5: Richting Station De Klomp
- Uitstappen bij Station Ede Centrum
- Lopen langs de Telefoonweg richting de grote parkeerplaats; Kuiperplein
Vanaf Station Ede/Wageningen
Valleilijn Stoptrein: Richting Amersfoort
- Uitstappen bij Station Ede Centrum
- Lopen langs de Telefoonweg richting de grote parkeerplaats; Kuiperplein
In Ede Centrum vind je twee hotels op loopafstand van ons, namelijk:
- Hotel de Bosrand
- Hotel de Paasberg

Ook vind je kamers in Ede via Airbnb