Ede Zuigt - Harder dan ooit! (Ede Zuigt vs. Bruja Kru)

za 17/MAA - 20:00 • 02:00

Poppodium Ede - Kuiperplein 31, 6713 AX Ede

Ede Zuigt, Harder dan ooit!
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Deze eerste Ede Zuigt van 2018 nodigen we onze Westside broeders uit Rotterdam en omgeving uit: de Bruja Kru.

Dit wordt is sowieso de hardste line-up die Ede Zuigt tot nu toe ooit heeft gehad met o.a. Grindcore, Fastcore en Crust bands op de line-up. 

English: This is gonna be the hardest line-up Ede Sucks has ever seen, this time we invite our Westside brothers from Rotterdam and surroundings: the Bruja Kru. 

We say: NoiseXnotXMusic & In Grind We Crust! 
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Luister en huiver: 


This dual vocalist grindcore band from Rotterdam has already played Obscene Extreme(cz), toured in Indonesia in 2017 and is now releasing a split with My Mind is Mine. 
With (ex) members of Jesus Cröst, Kugra and Gewoon Fuckin Raggen, They have been crushing stages since early 2015 and are definitely a band to watch! 
Link: https:// sickofstupidity.bandcamp.co m/ 

▀ MY MIND IS MINE (Grindcore) 

In August 2002 My Minds Mine broke up, after ten years of abstinance, now - in true rock fashion - they are back, more solid than ever and about to release a split with Sick of Stupidity 
This Frisian band shares more than one member with the equally impressive Blood I Bleed. By comparison My Minds Mine focus less on fastcore but more on pummeling grind in the lineage of Napalm Death, Heresy, and S.O.B. They released several EP's plus the albums "Between soothing consolation and uncontrollable madness" (2000) and "Scenes of the complete annihilation of this planet" (2002). My Minds Mine gigged extensively, including a Japan tour with Unholy Grave and others.

After 10 years of abstinance they could not resist 

▀ RAYLIN (Fastcore/HC-Punk) 
These DIY harcore punx from Mierlo have been going at only since 2015, but have not been sitting still, with seven releases to their name they know how keep the scene on-edge. Their raw, fast sound of punk mixed with old-school hardcore combines to a mind spinning fastcore sound that will tolerate standing still to. 
Pure in-your-face Dutch hardcore punk straight from the barn!

▀ URK (Blackend Crust) ex-Kugra

Out of the ashes of Kurga and with an even darker sound, Urk was born in mid 2017 in Hellevoetsluis.
With the combination of raw-crust and blackmetal influences they produce an all consuming sound wall that will test the extends of what your eardrums can take. 

+More TBA

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▶ Poppodium Ede . Kuiperplein 31 . Ede Centrum

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Het Poppodium Ede is nog niet dagelijks geopend. Op dit moment werken we achter de schermen keihard aan de verbouwing. Houd onze website en social media in de gaten om bij te houden wanneer wij open gaan!
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